Access to your space

High Performance Hosting Solutions and Security

Our Espace Code services present three main qualities: performance, reliability and security. Our host architecture is organized around service groups for maximum performance, while our systems are equipped with real-time technologies preventing intrusion attempts and attacks, guaranteeing a high level of security.

Optimal resources

Our databases and system resources rely on high memory access and use Matrix-configured SSD drives. Data storage also uses Matrix-configured drives, minimizing competition between files and databases. Most clients who have transferred their website to the Espace Code hosting platform have noticed a significant increase in performance, even without having optimized their website.

Reliable emails

Emails are centralized on high-performance servers equipped with DKIM email validation, follow-up and real-time adaptive systems. Email delivery is therefore foolproof on all levels. DMARC validation is also available and enabled by default, so that our clients can focus on things other than configuration.