[2-3 minutes] 
When you receive an email in Outlook, scammers can try to trick you by changing their name. This technique is called "Display name abuse". This quick Outlook configuration show their email address.



1. Open Outlook and select your inbox

Outlook select your inbox



2. Click on the "View" tab

Outlook select View tab



3. Then, click on "Add columns"

Outlook Add columns



4. Click on the "New Column" button

Outlook add a column



5. Fill in all fields

Choose a name for this column 
Select the "Formula" type 
Paste this formula: 
IIf(InStr([SearchFromEmail], "@") = 0, "", right([SearchFromEmail],len([SearchFromEmail])))

Outlook ajouter une formule



6. Move your newly created column right under "From"

Outlook move a column



7. Click "OK"

Please note that some scammers will also change their email addresses. When that happens, you will have to use more sophiticated antispam technique at your incoming email server level.